9 Different worlds - 9 Perceptions - 9 Points of view - 9 Translations of reality…

Do you recognize yourself in one (or more) of these worlds?

Note : Maybe you want to start by reading an article about the Core Quadrant first. That makes reading this piece even more valuable!

The planet Ambitia

The planet Ambitia — For Enneagram users: type 3

For the losers, there is little honor to be gained at Ambitia. In the end, it’s only the result that counts. The only result that is worth the effort is first place.
They want to measure themselves against others find out who and what they’re worth. For these residents, the confrontation with the other planets is a confrontation with themselves. And so it should be…
At least…on this planet…

Olympus from the planet Ambitia
Place of birth : Winningshot

Frequently used sentences on Ambitia:
“I’m going to win”
“It’s about the profit.”
“Result is important.”
“I’m going for it.”
“Without commitment you won’t get anywhere”
“I don’t know when to stop.”
“Giving up is for wimps.”
“Till you drop.”
“You go for it or not”,
“With heart and soul”
“You have to believe in it”, “Don’t get coffins”
“Don’t stop me.” “The Keeper wins.”
“Look at me!”

A number of common Core Qualities on Ambitia:
Presence, Inspiration, Confrontation, Decisiveness, Bravery, Purposefulness, Effectiveness, Fierceness, Drive, Spirit, Passion, Idealism, Strength, Guts, Courage, Industry, Optimism, Pragmatism, Profiling, Steadfastness, Dedication, Determination, Perseverance, Trust, Perseverance, Progressiveness, Eagerness, Self-Awareness and Self-assurance.

A common Core Quadrant on the planet Ambitia

Music from the planet Ambitia

The Planet PositonoAmbitia Inspirational Radio

The Planet Positono

The planet Positono — For Enneagram users: type 7

On Positono one is usually cheerful and they always see the sunny side of things. Problems are not really known. Why would you make it difficult,
if it can be simple? After rain comes sunshine and after sunshine
comes… sunshine again? How can it be otherwise, that they call the
Core Quadrant on this planet : the “Positive Axes model”.

Lucky from the planet Positono
Place of birth : Joyville

Frequently used phrases on Positono:
“It’s gonna be okay”, “Don’t worry”
“Tomorrow is another day”
“Behind the clouds shines the sun”
“You always get another chance”
“The glass is half full.”
“Look ahead.”
“You must always see the positive side.”
“Don’t be so gloomy.”
“Don’t let your head hang.”
“Cheer up”
“Keep smiling”
“Just try”
“Trial & error”
“Keep it fun”
“No problem”
“Think of it as a game”
“It’ll work out”
“It will come”
“don’t worry…”
“If it doesn’t happen by itself, it won’t work anyway”
“It’ll pass.”

A number of common Core Qualities on Positono:
Adaptability, Pioneering, Willingness, Movement,Happiness, Pliability, Bravery, Enthusiasm,Spirituality, Humor, Calmness, Loose, Release,
Lightheartedness, Indulgence, Relaxation, Openness, Openness, Cheerfulness, Optimism,Pliability, Exploration, Relativism, Relaxation,
Accessibility, Forbearance, Tolerance, Trust, Friendliness, Cheerfulness and Carelessness.

A common Core Quadrant on the planet Positono

Music from the planet Positono

Positono Inspirational Radio

The planet Mediato

The planet Mediatio — For Enneagram users — Type 9

At Mediato there is harmony and tranquillity. They simply refuse to believe that some things can’t be solved and that people can’t get through one door
with each other. “If people have a little more understanding for each other and empathize with each other, then there are no more conflicts!”
It’s as simple as that… The Core Quadrant (extremely popular on this
planet) is also called the Win — Win Model.

Pax from the planet Mediato
Place of birth : Balancity

Frequently used Phrases on Mediato:
“What do you think?”
“Can you tell me more about it?”
“What exactly do you mean?”
“Explain it.”
“The truth lies somewhere in the middle”
“Let’s look at it from two sides”
“Have we got all the opinions mapped out now?”
“Let’s not polarize”
“Let’s respect everyone’s opinion”

A number of common Core Qualities on Mediato:
Adaptability, Alertness, Attentiveness, Thoughtfulness, Politeness, Willingness, Prudence, Modesty, Contemplation, Mobility, Reflection,
Diplomacy, Thoughtfulness, Empathy, Fine, Sensitivity, Patience,Graduality, Reservation, Sensitivity, Harmony, Helpfulness, Idealism, Modesty, Appropriateness, Caution, Tolerance and Consideration.

A common Core Quadrant on the planet Mediato

Music from the planet Mediato

The planet Authenticum

The planet Authenticum — For Ennegram users : Type 4

At Autenticum they love authenticity, beauty and simplicity. They also love beautiful things and making things beautiful. They are sensitive and can
keep themselves well in the background. They know what they believe in
and what they stand for. The Core Quadrant is here, very striking, also called
“Uniquenessfinder”. We’ll save you all the other variants (roughly equal to the number of inhabitants of this planet-:).

Artsie from the planet Authenticum

Frequently used sentences to Authenticum:
“That’s the way I feel”
“I can’t help it.”
“That doesn’t feel right”
“I don’t think it’s right”
“Part of me can’t go along with this.”
“I don’t think we’ve grasped the core yet.”
“You have to stand out.”
“Don’t think black and white”

A number of common Core Qualities on Authenticum:
Pioneering, Contemplation, Creativity, Profundity, Thoughtfulness, Original, Fine Sensitivity, Delicate, Sensitivity,Innovativity, Practical, Profiling, Spontaneity, Stylish, Unique, Versatility, Innovative, Progress and Self-Awareness.

A common Core Quadrant on the planet Authenticum

Music from the planet Authenticum

Authenticum Inspirational Radio

The planet Securitum

The planet Securitum — For Enneagram users: Type 6

On this planet, everything is questioned and many questions are always asked.Decisiveness, security and trust are common words on this planet.
“Be careful…” After all, You never know what’s in store for you!
It is certainly no surprise that the Core Quadrant model is called here : Beware of the pitfall-Model

Loyal from the planet Securitum
Place of birth : Doubtbury

Frequently used sentences to Securitum:
“Let’s think about it again.”
“You know what you have, not what you get”
“We shouldn’t go over one night.”
“We have to be careful”
“With this kind of risk, you’re asking for trouble.”
“Do you even know what you’re doing now?”
“Are you serious or are you joking?”
“Watch out!”
“Let’s not take any chances”
“Be careful”, “Rule is rule”
“Cowardice is the mother of cruelty.”

A number of common Core Qualities on Securitum:
Alertness, Thoughtfulness, Cautiousness, Gravity, Obedience, Strength, Guts, Loyalty, Courage, Attentiveness, Ceremony, Profiling, Righteousness, Resoluteness, Seriousness, Perseverance, Sturdiness, Strictness, Dedication, Determination, Perseverance, Prudence, Vigilance,Professionalism, Self-assurance and Carefulness.

A common Core Quadrant on the planet Securitum

Music from the planet Securitum

Securitum Inspirational Radio

The planet Energeticum

The planet Energeticum — For Enneagram users : Type 8

At Energeticum, people attach great importance to clarity, no nonsense and persuasiveness. You have to know what you are doing and not fall on your mouth, otherwise you won’t get very far on Energeticum. With pathetic behavior, you can forget it there. The Core Quadrant here is also
called “Power Search Model.”

Forza from the planet Energeticum
Place of birth : Intensia

Frequently used phrases on Energeticum
“Will you listen carefully?”
“Now get on with your work.”
“Soft healers make stinky wounds”
“You have to be a little creative with the law.”
“I’ll explain it one more time.”
“Just to the point, please.”
“A good neighbor is better than a distant friend.”
“Deeds not words”.

A number of common Core Qualities on Energeticum
Thoughtfulness, Inspiration, Confrontation, Activity, Directness, Purposefulness, Efficiency, Efficiency, Felicity, Drive, Spirit, Setting Limits,
Passion, Initiative, Clarity, Powerfulness, Industry, Unconsciousness, Pragmatism, Resoluteness, Outright, Constancy, Steadfastness, Dedication,
Perseverance, Eagerness, Independence, and Self-responsibility.

A common Core Quadrant on the planet Energeticum

Music from the planet Energeticum

Energeticum Inspirational Radio

The planet Compassia

The planet Compassia — For Enneagram users : Type 2

Everyone on Compassia is gentle and heartwarming. The inhabitants of Compassia are willing, in any way, to help with the impending conflict between the planets. They are, with certainty, the nicest and friendliest
people in the universe! Here, the Core Quadrant is known as the “Help-The-Other-Frame”.

Theresa from the planet Compassia
Place of birth : Nyse

Frequently used Sentences on Compassia
“Oh, dear…”
“Let me…”
“How sad…”
“That’s annoying”, “Come on”
“I’ll come to you”
“What do you feel?”
“Go ahead, cry”
“It’s gonna be okay.”
“I’m here for you”
“Never mind, I’ll do it”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“I just want to help you”
“You can rely on me”

A number of common Core Qualities on Compassia
Altruism, Attentiveness, Helpfulness, Politeness, Modesty, Modesty, Pliability, Service, Simplicity, Empathy, Fine Sensitivity, Patience, Generosity, Courtesy, Helpfulness, Empathy, Empathy, Humility, Selflessness, Admissibility, Tenderness, Accessibility, Forbearance, Devotion, Tolerance, Followfulness, Precaution, Kindness, Generosity, Softness and Care.

A common Core Quadrant on the planet Compassia

Music from the planet Compassia

Compassia Inpsirational Radio

The planet Observia

The planet Observia — For Enneagram users: Type 5

Observia residents are very good at arithmetic and prefer to be able to demonstrate everything in figures. They like formulas and leave nothing to chance, because they don’t like coincidence. They want to be sure that what they decide is right. They don’t like vagueness and assumptions, it all has to be crystal clear. Here they call the Core Quadrant the Round Square, because of course it all has to be right! But a round square?… well!

Dezzimal from the planet Observia
Place of birth : Evidence

Frequently used sentences on Observia
“To measure is to know.”
“That doesn’t make sense.”
“To guess is to miss”
“What makes you say that?”
“What makes you say that?”
“I don’t understand.”
“Explain”, “Explain that?”
“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line”
“Can you prove or explain that?”
“That’s not rational.”
“That’s crystal clear.”
“That makes sense, doesn’t it?”
“Don’t you get it?”
“Use your mind!”
“You can’t get a pin in it”
“Knowledge is power”
“What are the facts?”
“Can you substantiate that?”
“Where did you get that?”
“Is that scientifically proven?”

A number of common Core Qualities at Observia:
Accuratesse, Contemplation, Bondity, Correctness, Purposefulness, Efficiency, Thoughtfulness, Effectiveness, Activity, Mind, Thoroughness, Judgement, Calmness, Clarity, Closeness, Sobriety, Obervatievermogen, Orderliness, Pragmatism, Secrecy, Seriousness, Closeness, Square, Consideration, Reality, Business, Carefulness.

A common Core Quadrant on the planet Observia

Music from the planet Observia

The planet Idealum

The planet Idealum — For Enneagram users : Type 1

Idealium is proud that everything was done carefully and meticulously. If you do something there, you do it as well as you can. Actually, they are not easily
satisfied there, or even better, they are never satisfied there. In the end, they always know how they could have done even better… The core quadrant is also popularly called “The Best — Potential Quadrant”.

Best from the planet Idealum
Place of birth : Optima-Forma

Frequently used sentences on Idealum
“Only the best is good enough”
“It’s not finished until it’s finished.”
“I know what’s right or wrong”
“Yeah, it’s not that simple.”
I’m responsible for it.”
“To the best of your conscience”,
“Work till you drop”
“Am I good enough?”
“Exercise breeds art.”
“There’s always room for improvement.”
“Rule is rule.”
“A deal is a deal.”
“Principles are sacred.”
“Promised is promised”
“It has to be”
“To the best of our conscience”

A number of common Core Qualities at Idealum
Accuracy, Prudence, Correctness, Thoroughness, Integrity, Effectiveness, Oneness, Thoroughness, Perseverance, Observance, Attention, Precision,
Securacy, Strictness, Dedication, Perseverance, Conscientiousness and Care

A common Core Quadrant on the planet Idealum

Music from the planet Idealum

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