An amazing tool to make a personal SWOT — This concept can also be applied to corporate cultures!

Have you ever wondered why you behave a certain way in certain situations? Have you ever thought about what drives your personality? The Core Quadrant is a concept that can help you answer these questions. It’s a tool that can help you understand yourself better and improve your relationships with others. Understanding what drives us and sets us apart from others is crucial to living a fulfilling life.

Core Qualities are characteristics that belong to the essence or the core of a person. They ‘color’ a person; it is the specific strength that we immediately think of when we have someone’s in mind. Examples of qualities are caring, diligence, orderliness, decisiveness, receptivity, empathy, and so on. There are hundreds of them. Some of them are so specific to you that you could call them core qualities. With our core qualities, we express who we are. Core qualities are not primarily behaviors, but rather possibilities that one can be attuned to. Just as the quality of sound on the radio is partly determined by the precision with which it is tuned to the right wavelength, so can one also become more inspiring when he is tuned to his own core qualities. Just as the power of the amplifier influences the final sound quality, so too is the creative power of man also decisive for the effect he has on his environment.

A core quality can be recognized by someone’s special ability about which he himself says: “Surely everyone can do that!” But not everyone can do that. In fact, if you were to remove this core quality, you wouldn’t even recognize this person anymore. That’s because that one core quality permeates or radiates through all the other, less pronounced qualities.
A core quality is always potentially present. You can’t just turn a core quality on or off, though you can hide it or keep it dormant.



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