Core Qualities and the Art of Team Development

Harnessing Complementary Strengths

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Team Development
The whole can be more than the sum of the individual parts

Team Development in T.E.A.M.:
Together Everybody Achieves More”?
Good teams consist of members who complement each other, combine their strengths, and thus achieve more together than the sum of the individual parts. This embodies a team in the sense of ‘Together Everybody Achieves More’. Additionally, every team member must know the team’s goals and their own role within the team, which contributes to achieving these goals. From the team’s goals, it can be deduced which qualities are needed to be efficient and effective as a team.

Stagnation in the Team
A team made up entirely of creative minds risks working less goal-oriented and tends to be chaotic. This phenomenon is sometimes observed in creative teams in the advertising sector or the graphic design industry. Thousands of ideas emerge, but few are realized within deadlines and budget.

Therefore, it is advisable to complement such a team, if necessary, with a goal-oriented or structured person who ensures that the creative ideas are directed towards a common goal and its realization.



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