Exercise 2 |The sound of your personal Core Qualities…

Perhaps you want to read more information about the Core Quadrant first!

Way of working
Exercise in subgroups of up to four to five people.

Sound equipment for each subgroup.
Ask the participants to send music before the session. It is meant, that it is music that touches you, your favorite music, or music that you simply ‘have something with’.

Gain more insight into your Core Qualities and Quadrants through the living and feeling of the music.

The Exercise
The subgroups take turns. When it’s your turn, first tell us briefly what you ‘have’ with the music you bring. Maybe it will move you, for example, it is music from your youth or you always have it at your fingertips. When the music is played, the other members of the group listen as they ‘look’ at the person in question. At the same time or afterward, the participants write down which associations occurred to them. Then a round is made in which each person tells what Core Qualities you see in them, or the person can indicate for himself what he recognizes from his Core Qualities as a result of the associations in the music…

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