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Colleague for our creativity development department (M/F)

We are looking for a free creative mind, without artificial boundaries in his/her thinking. Has a connection with himself/herself, his/her own desires, needs and personal qualities.

✨Do you believe it’s not just about knowledge, but also about good communication and self-reflection?
✨ Are you helpful, but also able to set your own boundaries?
✨Don’t you need anyone else to spur you on?
Can you, yourself, make sure you stay motivated and inspired?
✨Do you like a culture where mistakes are allowed? Where you are allowed to be creative and no one calls you to order, because you may have just a little too much imagination?
✨If you have good ideas, we are happy to listen to you. You can feel free to share your craziest thoughts with us! If we smile, it is only because we are so happy with you, and appreciate your sincere commitment. Because you really want to contribute to the mission and vision of our company.
✨Do you want to work in a place where it’s not about survival, but about living meaningfully? It’s okay to hop if you enjoy arriving at work. No one will be surprised, by the way!
✨We don’t have rules here, but we do have direction indicators. So these help give us direction and serve as a compass in all decisions. Aimless and dead-end roads, we always quickly leave behind.
✨There is no time clock here either, where you have to check in and out. It is not a prison here, but a business!
✨You also shouldn’t do anything for us that you don’t support. If you have a better plan, we would be crazy not to listen to your ideas.
✨All our colleagues help each other, and encourage everyone to use his/her qualities in the best and balanced way. They are honest, but also ensure that the relationship remains good. Occasionally you give and receive a nod so that all colleagues know they are appreciated.
✨Do you want to work in an environment where colleagues don’t talk negatively about you behind your back? We are sure that this will ensure quality, effectiveness, happiness and perfect cooperation! Vitality is our top priority!
✨ We don’t mind if you are late for work sometimes, because the little one couldn’t sleep through. Also, we know that you…



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