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The world is changing and so is education. In our schools, we look for the best possible ways to give talent space. How do we manage to support the student optimally in his development? What does that mean for teachers who deal with students on a daily basis? And above all: what does that demand of school leaders?

Many schools are looking for appropriate answers to these questions. For example, they increasingly organize education around the personal needs and ambitions of students and the professional development is focused on ‘doing justice to diversity’. However, successful change requires more: school leaders with a vision and the skills to connect.

In this article we describe our vision and offer school leaders concrete tools for a successful approach.

The mission of the school
In every school’s vision document, ‘the student as the focus’ forms the core mentality. And rightly so, because the school’s task is to prepare students for participation in further education and society. A school prepares them for further education by equipping them with knowledge and skills and for participation in society through teaching the students self-knowledge and self-confidence, and shaping those into values and norms.

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Schools develop their own methods of achieving this twofold assignment. In addition to paying attention to curricula and the ‘hard’ returns, schools are increasingly recognizing the individual student with his own learning style and needs. This is a reason that many schools are now choosing for personalized learning. However, for many schools this requires a change in thinking: in addition to control and mastery, creativity and flexibility is also necessary. Schools are struggling to find a new balance.

The student
Each student has unique qualities. Each student is unique, with his own set of qualities. ’Qualities’ refers to, for example, perseverance, decisiveness, caring, empathy, flexibility, logical reasoning, creativity, and many others. Each child is born with natural…



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