You don’t like certain people, do you? You can learn much more from them than you might expect!

“Perplexed, I look at the report I just received. I had hoped that hiring a new inside salesperson would make my job easier, but it’s looking more and more like I’m getting double the workload instead. Why can’t he just get it right the first time? If I have to take time to explain how to do everything whenever I
need something, I’m better off just doing it myself…!

In the beginning, everything went well and he was motivated and
focused, but now he is working less optimally. He talks to other colleagues all the time, works on a hundred things at once, but doesn’t get anything done properly. Actually, he is quite nice, but his easy-going and open attitude is becoming a source of unreliability and his continuous chatter is getting annoying.

I have often asked him to work more carefully and not to make so much noise in the office, but unfortunately, this has only ever had a short-term effect. Due to his behavior, I have already made several mistakes myself, something that rarely happened to me before.
Do I have to fire him and do everything myself again?
Didn’t I agree at home not to work so late anymore?

My colleagues have no problems with him and he seems to do the tasks they give him well and to their satisfaction. Am I the problem?”
This situation is just one of many that cause anger and frustration among colleagues and managers.
As an employee of a company, how do you succeed in motivating both yourself and your colleagues in the long term? How do you learn to deal with strengths and weaknesses? And what is the most elegant way to make it clear to your colleagues when something has not gone optimally and what consequences this has for the entire team and also for each individual employee?

How does a manager successfully motivate her employees to take on more responsibility and work towards the big picture? And how does she optimize the use of her own core qualities and thereby give her best for the company?
All managers and employees have to deal with these questions. The methodology behind “Core Qualities and Core Quadrants” deals…



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