Perhaps the 12 most important questions you ever asked yourself…


You were born with a number of Core Qualities. These Core Qualities color
everything you see and do!

Through your core qualities you express your true self.

Examples of core qualities are : determination, persistence, empathy, flexibility, receptivity, carefulness etcetera. As the quality of the sound of a radio is determined by whether the radio is attuned to the right frequency,
so are human beings more inspiring when they attuned to their Core

Your Core Quadrants define your perception, making the translations of the things you perceive. Literally, your point of view…

On the basis of 12 questions you can discover your Core Qualities, Pitfalls, Challenges and Allergies (resistances).

Short introduction to the Core Quadrant →

To what degree do you know yourself and are you capable of:
√ developing yourself into a more complete human being?
√ making your relationships more fruitful?
√ accepting yourself in your imperfection?

The more you understand about yourself the more you are able to understand others and to do your job as a parent, as a friend or as a coach or manager, simply because you have learned from your own experience what is required to keep on developing and growing.

12 checks/12 questions
A Core Quadrant can be built from all four corners and its correctness can be checked in different ways. Answering these questions is a great help in getting started with the Core Quadrant

1 What I expect/demand from others…

2 What I’m willing to overlook in others….

3 What I would hate in myself…

4 What I miss in myself…

5 What others appreciate in me…

6 What others blame me for…

7 About what, do others advise me :
“Don’t make a big deal out of it.. Relax !,, ?

8 What others wish me…

9 What I take for granted in myself…

10 What I tend to justify in myself…

11 What I despise in others…

12 What I admire in others…

Interpretation of the 12 checks

The answer you have given to each question helps you to fill in the fields of the core quadrant. You can start anywhere in the quadrant!

The following questions give you insight into your personal
Core Qualities
: 1, 5 and 9
The following questions give you insight into your personal
: 2, 6 and 10
The following questions give you insight into your personal
: 4, 8 and 12
The following questions give you insight into your personal
Allergies (resistances)
: 3, 7 and 11

A treasure trove is a storehouse or collection of valuable items. A treasure trove may also be a rich supply of something more abstract, such as information, opportunities, or knowing more about your Core Qualities!

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