Sometimes you hide the best and most beautiful version of yourself…

Find that spark again!

Core Qalities are characteristics that belong to the essence or the core of a person. They ‘colour’ a person; it is the specific strength that we immediately think of when we have someone’s in mind. Examples of qualities are care, diligence, orderliness, decisiveness, receptivity, empathy, and so on. There are hundreds of them. Some of them are so specific to you that you could call them Core Qualities. With our Core Qualities, we express who we are.
Is this concept new to you? Read this article first

Maybe the most beautiful thing about you is your true self…
Sometimes we hide our Core Qualities. Perhaps the best and most beautiful version of yourself, because they’re not appreciated by a person or organization…
People and organizations can’t stand other people and organizations who have too much of what they are missing, you know. (Yes, I had to read it three times myself). That’s what we call our allergy/resistance.

Let’s take a look at how such a mask can come about…
Peter asked the head of the department: “Would it be an idea to call Lara, she’s been sick for a week now?” Department head: “I think you should get involved in your own affairs, I think that’s a much better idea!!“ (So maybe he means, I find you very sentimental, which is too much of what I can develop in myself more: namely Empathy)
Now, of course, such blunt department heads do not exist (right?), but you can imagine that Peter will not come up with such a proposal again any time soon.
So Peter has a great Core Quality: Empathy/Tenderheartedness.
But not at work anymore, he has learned that after some of these events.
At work, they no longer have ‘access’ to this beautiful Core Quality of Peter.
He keeps it for his wife and children at home!

But who’s the problem here? Either way, Peter put on a mask at work.
We’re not in Kansas anymore. He plays his ‘safe’ role there.
If you didn’t know any better, you might even think Peter is pretty distant and businesslike. That’s not true, we know that…

The true self is the Core Identity that we carry within ourselves. It is who we are and it’s what makes us unique. The mask is all the things that we do, say, and think to hide our true self. So, the true self is something we all have access to, but it often gets buried under layers of masks we wear to (psychological) survive in our world. But a little of your world also becomes less colourful

But at work, that’s his survival strategy. Peter is in stealth mode. As crazy as it sounds, it’s actually kind of nice not to be addressed anymore on an unappreciated quality.
It’s safe, but it’s also a little tragic. He’ll probably never show his real qualities again. The play has begun …
At work, he is far removed from his core, of who he really is. How long is that going well?
One thing is for sure: Peter is no longer running at 100%. what a pity!

The mask imparts a false or superficial self, which can be borrowed from others or constructed to fit the image, expectations and desires of others.

Masks are a common phenomenon which, by the way, often arises as early as childhood! We want to be loved and appreciated so much, that we are willing to give up everything, even ourselves…

The search for our Authentic Self is a deep, personal and authentic exploration of the true essence of one’s self. It’s the part of us that is most in touch with our life purpose! So we can move forward on our journey of living authentically. Authenticity has become more important than ever in a hyper-connected world.

Often, after playing a role for a long time, you don’t even know you have these Core Qualities in the first place. You even think that you have to develop these missing qualities. But there is no question of that, you have to remind yourself that you have (always had) them and dare to live them again!

It takes courage, to dare to be yourself again…and make your qualities shine (again) as it was meant to be…!
Don’t make yourself small, not for anyone! We are made to impress!

The Core Quadrant demystifies the complex process of authenticity and shows you how to step into your own power and confidence by choosing to be true to yourself. (your Core Qualities)

The true self is not an idea, not a brand or a persona. It’s a process. This process is about asking the right questions and then asking them again and again until you are willing to face the true you.
The true you is someone who does not know what people want from them, who does not know how they should be, but knows how they are.

When you reflect upon this core, authentic self, you can find your life path as well as your strengths and challenges.
Do not forget to listen to your heart and follow your dreams. When you do, you will attract people who want to connect and help you through your journey…
You have to make the decision to be yourself again, no matter what the outcome may be.Your gifts at birth will shine in all their beauty.
Your true self is your highest potential, it’s worth guarding that!

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