How to learn the language of Success?
In daily reality we are facing three different aspects, three dimensions or three areas for attention.

Popularized you could say we are living on three planets at the same time,
the “IT” planet, the “WE” planet and the “I” planet.
On these planets the inhabitants look at the world through a particular lens and as a consequence have their own preferences.

“IT” inhabitants are fascinated by whether something is objectively true, measurable and verifiable. In other words whether you can prove it.

“WE” inhabitants like to focus on how we interrelate and whether that is correct and just.

“I” inhabitants are mainly concerned with how something touches them, with beauty and inspiration.

The True or “IT” lens

As a rule, the True lens is about objective reality and is synonymous with the “IT” side. It is the domain of empirical knowledge. From a scientific point of view, a thing is real if it can be measured and reproduced. This is the world of facts and figures, of “measure and know”, a world that can be grasped, that is predictable, reliable and controllable. It is about exposing the objective truth,
which is something different to your personal truths.


The Good or ”WE” lens

The Good is about how you and I deal with each other, about interaction, dialogue and ethics. Seen from the “we” perspective, common values are important. Freedom, equality and justice are the pillars on which we have built our society over the course of time: they form the basis of our living together, within that society.


The Beautiful or the “I” lens

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is a well-known saying. By it we mean that beauty is an individual experience (an “I” experience) and is largely a subjective one. Beauty derives from the human ability to discern quality from lack of it. This discerning ability makes it possible for the individual to recognize beauty and experience fulfillment, to live it to the full and to bring it to expression.
Seen from the “I” perspective, the inner world and self-understanding are all-important. The world that you have within you is for inhabitants of the “I” planet the only one that matters. This is why “know thyself” is such an important motto. Whatever happens is liable to be interpreted in various subjective ways and the reality I observe is always a co-production: one of which I am part. I am unable to observe the world objectively, because my world is colored by who I am, by my capabilities, by my own soul forces and my feeling world.


Three dimensional awareness
There is no denying the fact that making a distinction between “IT”, “WE” and “I” ways of thinking has played a major role in the development of our society. Making a distinction between “I” and “it” means that the individual in general (“I”) can no longer conclude that an apprehended object (“IT”) is real because he or she believes it is real. Greater interest in “WE”-based thinking has developed over time, with the effect that more attention has been paid to organizational culture and encouragement of teamwork. During the past years there has also been a growing interest in the “I” perspective, as witnessed by the greater emphasis on personal development plans, our feelings, the things we are passionate about, individual commitment and suchlike. (Soft skills)

No problems so far. The ability to differentiate is a useful attribute. To make it bear fruit though, it needs to be assimilated: we have to learn to look at the world through three sets of eyes simultaneously, and with the enhanced awareness that this brings, look back on the situation in question. This is not what seems to be happening at the current point in time, however. Rather, what we seem to be doing is differentiating, then separating and returning to what we have always done, namely thinking from a one-dimensional point of view instead of a three-dimensional one.

Put it in another way. Things go wrong, however, because we have the tendency to believe that some problems can be resolved by taking the “IT” approach, some by taking the “WE” approach and some by taking the “I” approach. As I have come to see things, every problem requires a unified approach. We are too inclined to think, that if there is a particular way into a problem, there must be a solution along that line.

“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.”
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
“The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation.” — Albert Einstein

We jump to the conclusion that if the problem can be identified as an “IT” type of problem, the solution must also have the nature of an “IT” solution. It is not so: there is not a single problem that can only be resolved via (for example) an objective analysis and approach.

The crucial issue here is the extent to which the lenses overlap. As we see it, lasting results cannot possibly be achieved by working on only one of the three. Ideally, the overlap between the three circles should be as great as possible. To put it another way, it is only when the three circles or focal points (representing the way you see the world) overlap that you can see through them simultaneously.

The point is that all three different realities are true. If you only look through one of them you deny the reality of the other two, and so what you see is an illusion!

Only the center has any depth and that is the only position from which you can see reality. The fact that you do not want to see the other realities does not mean that they are not there!

What it all means is, that we have to expand our capacity to simultaneously be aware of:

1 What happens inside me?
2 What happens between us?
3 What is the issue (content) we are dealing with?

The fact that we will need the rest of our lives to master this, I consider to be an understatement. That, in order to make progress here, you need to know yourself, is obvious to me.

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