Ebook + Executive video coaching + Workbook and other downloads (Offer at AppSumo) This knowledge will benefit you greatly for the rest of your life!

People who have insight into their Core Quadrant are much more effective because they are better able to align their inner self, which improves their connection with others.

With the Core Quadrant model you can quickly gain insight into your personal Core Qualities, pitfalls, challenges and allergies (resistances).

This allows you to make better choices for yourself, choices that fit the person you are.

It makes communication with others much more conscious and easy. Additionally, it increases tolerance and creates an appreciation for people’s different qualities. You can’t start earlier enough with this insight!

The book Mission9 is an adventurous, playful and instructive way to get started with this model. In addition to the book, you will also receive a video conference to deepen your understanding of yourself.

You are about to discover your personal Core Qualities, the power within yourself.
So we’re going to accomplish this together through a 1-hour video executive coaching session!

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The goal?
Create 4 personalized Core Quadrants.
Along the way we will discover 4 core qualities, 4 pitfalls, 4 challenges and 4 allergies (sources of difficulty or friction for you).

This knowledge will benefit you greatly for the rest of your life!
You will find that it will help you to know yourself better and in doing so, will help to answer the question of exactly why you do certain things the way you do — or why not!

If there is time left over we can also work together to make a Double Quadrant for you. This is a great way to further understand how your Core Quadrants interact with the Core Quadrants of others.

You will receive access to a (download) portal. There you’ll find a number of documents and videos.

It will be very useful for you to prepare the following materials prior to the video coaching session: (Portal)
• Fill out Workbook A: 12 checks [Workbooks & Materials Section]
• Watch the Core Quadrant Animation (5 minutes) [Media Section]
• Optionally, watch the Interview with Daniel Ofman about Core Quadrants [Media Section]
• Brainstorm 4 things that other people do which absolutely drive you nuts. Write them down — it will be a huge help during the video session!

You will also receive the ebook Mission9 — The Secret of the Core Quadrant. This is an exciting book with beautiful illustrations which takes place in the future. As the threat of war looms between 9 planets, one child from each planet is sent to form a team whose mission is to visit each other’s home planet and get to know each other better. During their journey they discover the secret of the Core Quadrant!
A treasure trove of inspiration!

👉🏼Click here for the offer at AppSumo👈🏼

You can always reach me personally by sending me a message at info@heemeijer.com or 0031612325250 (also WhatsApp)
I speak English, German and Dutch

More information?

I look forward to an interesting, amazing and inspirational journey with you! If you buy the offer, I will be in contact with you to plan your video coaching session.

Albert Heemeijer
Core Quality Education International

✨Author of a fiction book, about finding your True Self/ your Core Qualities💫 | http://mission9.space ✨| Book a 15-min free video session | info@heemeijer.com

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