Did you already know:
That you were born with a number of Core Qualities?
That these Core Qualities color everything you see and do?
That you inspire others with these Core Qualities?

But did you also know:
That the Pitfall is always too much of your Core Quality?
That therefore your shadow side is too much of something good?
That it is your Pitfall that people address when they say: don’t be so…!

Do you furthermore realize:
That your Challenge is the opposite of your Pitfall?
That your Challenge is that which you admire in others?
That it is your Challenge which makes you complete?

And finally, are you aware:
That you are always Allergic (Feel resistance) to too much of your Challenge?
That therefore you can learn the most from the people you dislike the most?
That your Allergy is the opposite of your Core Quality?

✨Author of a fiction book, about finding your True Self/ your Core Qualities💫 | http://mission9.space ✨| Book a 15-min free video session | info@heemeijer.com

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